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Fig. 2. Simulation conditions for the excitatory and inhibitory balance on burst properties. (A) Sample voltage traces of strong IPSC condition. (B) Sample voltage traces of weak IPSC condition. (A, B) Vref: only IPSC current (Istim). V5 and V30: EPSC delivered at the fifth (I5) and the thirtieth (I30) time point, respectively. Vertical dotted lines and the number below, from left to right, sequentially indicate the time points for the start and end of IPSC, and Vref burst onset. (C) Example of a burst. Vertical green bars indicate when burst spikes occurred. (D) ΔTRef: 1st IntraBI length of Vref. ΔT5: 1st IntraBI length of V5. (E) Δt indicate the shift in the first burst spike onset timing by an excitatory stimulus.
Experimental Neurobiology 2019;28:568~577
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