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IBRO 2019 Experimental Neurobiology(EN) Luncheon Seminar was held in Daegu, EXCO on September 23rd during IBRO 2019.
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This event combined introductory presentations by the editors from major scientific journals and an open panel discussion. The aim was to have an open exchange about the evolving landscape of neuroscience research and scientific publishing. You can see topics of discussion below.

How Editors Define Novelty and Advance
- Scientific journals and preprint archive
- Peer review process
- Common mistakes frequently encountered in submission
- Future of neuroscience
- Career path for neuroscientists

Min Cho (Neuroscience Next)

C. Justin Lee (Institute for Basic Science)
Bong-Kiun Kaang (Seoul National University)

Lisa Chong (Science)
Sarah Geisler (Cell)
Marina Picciotto (Journal of Neuroscience/Yale University)
Jerome Staal (Nature Communications)

Min Cho (Editor-in-Chief, Neuroscience Next)
Lisa Chong (Editor - Insights, Science)
Sarah Geisler (Scientific Editor, Cell)
C. Justin Lee (Editor-in-Chief, Experimental Neurobiology)
Marina Picciotto (Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Neuroscience/Yale University)
Jerome Staal (Associate Editor, Nature Communications)