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Fig. 4. Decreased brain size and defective mushroom body structure in adult dGitex21cDrosophila mutants. (A) Left and right images show the brain of control and dGitex21c mutant, respectively. Mutation of dGit causes reduced brain size, as shown by FasII staining. The size of brain is measured by the number of pixels surrounded by the dotted line. Optic lobes were not considered as the central brain area. Scale bar, 100 µm. (B) Quantification of the relative size of the central brain. n=25 (Ctrl), 28 (dGitex21c) (C) Representative images of normal and abnormal structures of the mushroom body in male dGitex21c mutants. Scale bar, 63 µm. (D) 34% of male dGitex21cDrosophila mutants show normal structure of the mushroom body (10 out of 29), while 66% show abnormal structures. (E) Various abnormal structures of mushroom body are shown in dGitex21c mutants. Most of the dGitex21c mutants show terminated alpha or beta lobes, and one dGitex21c mutant shows divided alpha lobes. **p<0.01; Student's t-test. Data represent mean±s.e.m.
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