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Fig. 2. Agonists for GqPCRs did not induce ATP release from astrocyte. (A) Pseudocolor images from Fura2-loaded astrocyte before and after pressure application. (B~D) Representative traces recorded from sniffer-patch experiment. Upper trace, Ca2+ transient by 500 µM TFLLR (B; n=10), 500 µM Bradykinin (C; n=8), and 500 µM 2MeSADP (D; n=4) recorded from astrocyte. Lower trace, whole-cell current by TFLLR (B), Bradykinin (C), and 2MeSADP (D) recorded from HEK293T cell expressing P2X2-V343Q. Arrow head, pressure application for 100 ms. Inset box, Full activation current recorded from HEK293T cell by bath application of 100 µM ATP to measure total expression of P2X2-V343Q. (E) Summary bar graph showing percent of full activation.
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