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Fig. 4. Ca2+ entry is critical for MS-induced ATP release from astrocyte. (A, B) Representative trace of sequential recording of Ca2+ and ATP release in same astrocyte and summary bar graph of 1st/2nd ratio for the response of Ca2+ and ATP amplitude. (C, D) Representative traces recorded from Fura2 imaging and sniffer-patch experiment in Ca2+ free condition (C) and Ca2+ free with TG condition (D). Diamond indicates the timing of mechanical stimulation. (E) Summary bar graph showing the ratio of Ca2+ response with Ca2+, Ca2+ free and Ca2+ free + TC in external solution induced by mechanical stimulation. Paired two-tailed t-test (**p<0.01, ***p<0.001). (F) Schematic diagram of pathway of ATP release compared with mechanical stimulation v.s. GPCR activation.
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