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Fig. 6. Protective effect of LMT497 in vivo ischemic model. All rats were treated MCAO for 90 min and sacrificed 24 hours after occlusion and brain coronal sections were stained with 2% triphenyltetrazolium chloride. (A-H): Intravenous injection of LMT497 (2 mg/kg) twice at 3 h/8 h (A-D) or 10 h/18 h (E-H). (A, E): TTC stained image. (B, F): quantification of infarct volume. (C, G): percentage of edema, (D, H): neurological score. Horizontal bar, median; vertical box, interquartile ranges (Q1 to Q3, minimum/maximum). n=7-10; **p<0.01, ***p<0.001, significantly different from the control group.
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