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Fig. 5. COMP-Ang1 increases migration and tube formation through the MAPK pathway. (A, B) Relative protein expression levels of MAPK kinase with/without COMP-Ang1 treatment in EPCs before or after Tie2 or FAK silencing. Whole cell lysates (30 µg protein/lane) were subjected to Western blot analyses to determine the levels of ERK1/2, pERK1/2, p38, pp38, and SAPK/JNK, pSAPK/JNK. β-actin was used as an internal control for equal protein loading of each lane. (C, D) Confocal images of pp38, pERK1/2, and pSAPK/JNK (red) with the DAPI nuclear marker (blue) in a rat model (C) followed by densitometric analyses (D). Scale bar, 20 µm. All values are the means±SEM. ***p<0.001, **p<0.01.
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