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Fig. 4. Integrated activation-period microelectrode array field potential sums following low-frequency stimulation of hippocampal slice cultures. Sum of all integrated activation-period field potentials from three of 59 single microelectrode recordings of hippocampal slice cultures from 33-week-old ovariectomized rats treated with distilled water (OVX, n=3 slices), 10 mg/kg/d sodium alendronate (ALEN, n=3 slices), or 300 mg/kg/d Artemisia princeps ethanol extract (AP, n=3 slices) daily by oral gavage (0.1 mL/kg) for 15 weeks following a 13-week pretreatment period. Recordings followed 15 minutes of low-frequency stimulation (100 mA, 1Hz) to the CA2 stratum radiatum to stimulate LTD-inducing Schaffer collateral signaling. (A) Time course of activity totals. Starting at 10 minutes following stimulation, OVX rats exhibited significantly lower activation than that of ALEN or AP rats, a difference maintained until the end of the experiment. (B) Group averages of normalized total activity for 50 minutes following stimulation. ALEN and AP activation were both significantly higher than that of the OVX group (F2,7=26.797; p=0.001; Scheffe's post hoc S mean difference 11.88%, p<0.01; mean difference 10.00%, p<0.05, respectively) but did not differ significantly from each other. Values represent means±SEM. Stars represent significant between-group differences as calculated by Scheffe's S post hoc analysis with alpha set at p<0.05.
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