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Fig. 3. Typical presence of hUCB-MSCs and expression of inflammatory factors following the transplantation of hUCB-MSCs into ICH rats. (A) Three days after the transplantation, hUCB-MSCs were identified by staining with human nuclei antibody (HuNu, red). Confocal micrograph of a brain section show the HuNu-positive cells in peri-infarct regions. The expressions of TNF-α (green) (B), COX-2 (green) (C), CD11b (green) (D), and MPO (green) (E) were detected in the perihemorrhagic regions. The number of TNF-α-positive cells (F), COX-2 positive cells (G), CD11b-reactive microglia (H), and MPO-reactive neutrophils (I) decreased in the hUCB-MSCs-treated group compared with the controls (no significant differences). Nuclei were counterstained with DAPI (blue). Values are shown as mean and SEM; n=3 per group.
Exp Neurobiol 2015;24:146~155
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