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Fig. 1. MPP+-induced caspase activation is only seen in MN9D cells cultivated in lower levels of glucose. (A~C) MN9D cells were cultivated in serum-free, N2-supplemented medium containing 5~35 mM glucose and exposed to 200 µM MPP+ for 24 hr. (A) Cell viability was measured using MTT reduction assay. Values were expressed percent survival over the untreated control (100%). Data represent the mean±SEM from 3 independent cultures in triplicate. n.s. represents not significant. (B) Phase-contrast photomicrographs were taken under a Zeiss Axiovert 100 microscope. Scale bar represents 20 µm. (C) Approximately 50 µg proteins were separated on 12.5% SDS-PAGE and transferred to prewet PVDF membrane. Blots were immunolabeled with a rabbit polyclonal anti-cleaved caspase 9 or a rabbit polyclonal anti-cleaved caspase 3.
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