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Fig. 3. Surge of ROS is responsible for MPP+-induced death when cells are cultivated at 5 mM glucose but not at 17.5 mM glucose. (A, B) MN9D cells cultivated in N2 medium containing either 5 mM or 17.5 mM glucose were exposed to 200 µM MPP+ alone or in combination with I mM NAC for the indicated time periods. Cells were loaded with (A) 1 µM dihydroethdium or (B) 5 µM DCF and analyzed using fluorescence microscope equipped with a digital camera. Scale bar represents 20 µm. (C) After treatment with 200 µM MPP+ in the presence or the absence of 1 mM NAC for 24 hr, MTT reduction assay was performed to measure cell viability. Data represent the mean±SEM from 3 independent cultures in triplicate. *p<0.05; n.s., not significant.
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