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Fig. 4. JNK activation plays a role for determining MPP+-induced death when cells are cultivated at 5 mM glucose but not at 17.5 mM glucose. (A) MN9D cells cultivated in N2 medium containing either 5 mM or 17.5 mM glucose were exposed to 200 µM MPP+ for the indicated time periods. Immunoblot analysis was carried out using anti-phosphorylated forms of JNK. Anti-JNK was used as a loading control. (B) MN9D cells were treated with 200 µM MPP+ alone or in combination with the indicated concentrations of SP600125 (SP) for 24 hr. Cell viability was measured by a MTT reduction assay. Data represent the mean±SEM from 3 independent cultures in triplicate. *p<0.05. No significant difference was measured in MN9D cells cultivated in 17.5 mM glucose.
Exp Neurobiol 2015;24:197~205
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