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Fig. 6. Inhibition of ROS generation, caspase activity and JNK activation all rescues primary cultured DA neurons from MPP+-induced death. (A) At 5 DIV, primary cultures of DA neurons cells cultivated in 5.5 mM glucose were exposed to 3 µM MPP+ for 48 hr in the presence or the absence of 1 mM NAC, 200 µM zVAD or 20 µM SP600125. Cells were then subjected to DAB staining for TH-positive cells and photographed. Scale bar represents 200 µm. (B) Manual counts were made of all of the TH-positive cells having neurites twice the length of the soma. A total of approximately 300~400 TH positive neurons were counted and expressed as a percentage over the untreated control (100%). Data represent the mean±SD from 3 independent cultures. No significant difference was measured in DA neurons cultivated in 33.3 mM glucose.
Exp Neurobiol 2015;24:197~205
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