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Fig. 2. Ethanol induces cytotoxicity on glioblastoma cells. (A) The activity of dead cell protease level which is associated with cell death was determined by CytoTox-Glo cytotoxicity assay (Promega Corp., G9292, WI, U.S.A.). Effects of ethanol on cell viability of primary glioblastoma cells (GBL-13 and GBL-15) and glioblastoma cell lines (U87MG and U373MG) are shown. This experiment was performed at 24 h, 48 h, and 72 h of ethanol treatment. (B) The LDH level in the media which is related with cell death was measured by LDH assay in GBL-13, GBL-15, U87MG and U373MG. The LDH level was measured after the 24 h ethanol treatment. Values are expressed as mean and SD. *p<0.05 compared with the control group.
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