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Fig. 1. In situ hybridization of ApPDE4 isoforms in Aplysia abdominal ganglia. ApPDE4-positive neurons in Aplysia ganglia. A1, B1: Dorsal (A1) and ventral (B1) surface of abdominal ganglion. A2, B2: Diagrams summarizing the locations of ApPDE4-positive neurons on the dorsal (A2) and ventral (B2) abdominal ganglia. Pl-Ab, pleural-abdominal connection; BagC, bag cell cluster; SN, siphon nerve; GN, gill nerve; PcN, pericardiac nerve; BrN, brachial nerve; Vn, vulvar nerve. C1, D1. Intensity of gray color of circle indicates the signal intensity of ISH-positive neurons. Scale bar 500 µm.
Exp Neurobiol 2015;24:246~251
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