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Fig. 2. Rosmarinic acid improves motor function deficits in G93A-SOD1 transgenic mice. (A~D) Motor function levels in the limb extension reflex test (A), rota-rod test (B), PaGE test (C), and grip strength test (D). Behavioral tests were performed from 7 weeks of age, twice a week described in Materials and Methods. Tests were performed in the sequence listed above. Non-Tg, non-transgenic WT control; Tg-Con, G93A-SOD1 transgenic control; Tg+RA30 and Tg+RA400, G93A-SOD1 transgenic mice treated with 30 mg/kg/day and 400 mg/kg/day rosmarinic acid, respectively; Tg+Rilu, G93A-SOD1 transgenic mice treated with 35 mg/kg/day riluzole. Data are presented as means±SEM (n=6~13). * and ** denote differences from the control at the indicated points at p<0.05 or p<0.01, respectively. Two-way ANOVA and Bonferroni post hoc test were used.
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