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Fig. 2. Sequential magnetic resonance imaging obtained at pre-GKS, at 6 months, 11 months, and 3 years after GKS. MRI taken at pre-GKS showed left hippocampal sclerosis with slightly decreased volume of left hippocampus and increased T2 signal of the left hippocampus (A). MRI obtained at post-GKS 6 months showed no significant interval change of the slightly decreased volume of the lift hippocampus (B). At 11 months after GKS, follow-up MRI revealed a 2 cm sized central hemorrhagic lesion with peripheral enhancing edema around left hippocampus, which suggested radiation necrosis (C). Radiation necrosis was well controlled by intravenous steroids, and MRI at 3 years after GKS revealed resolved post-radiation edema and atrophy of medial temporal lobe (D).
Exp Neurobiol 2016;25:93~101
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