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Fig. 2. TLR2-dependent microglial neurotoxicity. Rat primary neurons were treated with various types of conditioned medium from wild-type and Tlr2-/- mice microglia for 24 hours. Cells were also directly treated with LZCM, αSCM, and LPS as controls. (A) Genotype analysis. (B) Representative images; LZCM, αSCM, and LPS treated neurons (upper panels), LZCM-WT-mMgCM, αSCM-WT-mMgCM, and LPS-WT-mMgCM treated neurons (middle panels), and LZCM-Tlr2-/--mMgCM, αSCM-Tlr2-/--mMgCM, and LPS-Tlr2-/--mMgCM treated neurons (lower panels). (C) The numbers of axonal bleb formations. (D) Neuronal cell viability analysis. All data were analyzed by one-way ANOVA. Error bars represent the s.e.m. ns; not significant; ***p<0.001. Scale bar, 10 µm.
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