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Fig. 1. Construction of pSico-Red and experimental plan. (a) Construction of pAAV-Sico-Red vector. (b) Experimental timeline and virus injection into TRN of DLX5/6-cre mouse. (c) Black diagrams for each vector containing Scrambled-shRNA or Best1-shRNA. Yellow lightening label indicates gene expression and red X-label indicates that gene is not expressed. (d) Schematic diagram of bilateral injection and distribution of cell types. Red cells represent only mCherry+ cells and yellow cells represent both GFP+ and mCehrry+ cells. (e) Schematic representation of imaging pattern for two types of cells (Cre- and Cre+). GFP and mCherry signals come from virus reporter genes. PV and Best1 expression patterns come from immunostaining. Dotted lines indicate that gene or protein is not expressed.
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