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Fig. 4. Analysis of parvalbumin positive neurons in DLX5/6-cre mouse. (a) Merged images of immunohistochemical analysis: DAPI, GFP and mCherry (left-top); PV (right-top); PV and mCh (left-bottom); PV and GFP (right-bottom). Dashed lines indicate the border of TRN. Inset images are magnified images from images in white box of each panel. (b) Quantification of marker positive neurons: mCherry+/PV- cells; 79.85±1.81%, mCherry+/PV+/GFP+ cells; 18.61±1.12% mCherry+/PV+/GFP- cells; 1.53±1.12%.
Exp Neurobiol 2016;25:120~129
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