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Fig. 2. The pathophysical results from the mild and severe MCAO groups. (A) The average mNSS, weight changes, and infarct volume among the groups are presented (average±SEM; **p value<0.01, ***p value<0.001, independent t-test). (B) Black dashed lines on the brain indicate the positions of 6 coronal sections with 2 mm thickness for TTC staining. (C, D) TTC-stained representative images from the mild MCAO (C) and the severe MCAO (D) models. Green arrows on the brain indicate the infarct (M1, primary motor cortex; M2, secondary motor cortex; SS, somatosensory cortex; S1, primary sensory cortex; Cpu, caudate putamen; Gp, globus pallidus; DLO, dorsolateral orbital cortex; AI, agranular insular cortex; LO, lateral orbital cortex; Au, auditory cortex; V, visual cortex; Scale bar=5 mm).
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