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Fig. 3. CBV changes in both hemispheres of the normal mouse and the two MCAO models. (A, C, E) A representative image of the hemodynamic response maps 15 s after the baseline period in the normal (A), mild MCAO (C), and severe MCAO (E) groups. The red arrowhead on the raw cortical image from ORIS indicates the position of the electrode (Scale bar=1 mm). (B, D, F) A time course of the maximum CBV change in the tissue area (af; ROI: 7×7 pixels) of the normal, mild MCAO, and severe MCAO groups is shown. The maximum value of the CBV (G) and time to maximum CBV change (H) was calculated in the normal (N=10), mild MCAO (N=5), and severe MCAO (N=10) groups (average±SEM; ***p value<0.001, ANOVA with Bonferroni post-hoc analysis).
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