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Fig. 4. Reactive cerebral artery extraction using standard deviation (SD) map categorization is shown. (A) Image processing steps for the reactive artery extraction. The artery vasculature was segmented by combining the WEKA segmentation method and SD mapping. Finally, the reactive artery (red) was overlapped on the reactive area (green). (B) Representative vessel segmentation procedures. A raw image (first column), a color-coded SD map (second column), and the segmented vessel within the reactive area (third column) of the normal (first row), mild MCAO (second row), and severe MCAO (third row) groups in both hemispheres are shown (Scale bars=1 mm). (C) Dynamic changes in the reactive artery in the normal brain cortex following a 10-s electrical stimulation (N=10). (D) The averaged artery reactivity in the mild MCAO group (N=4) and the E: Severe MCAO group (N=5) is shown (Error bar, SEM).
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