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Fig. 2. Effects of PA-5HT on L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia in the PD animal model. (A and E) Time-course of the total AIMs scored every 20 min over a period of 120 min after the L-DOPA treatment on day 5 (A) and 10 (E). Two-way ANOVA: (A) effect of time, F(5, 75)=4.07, p=0.0025; effect of PA-5HT, F(1, 15)=8.99, p=0.0090; interaction, F(5, 75)=0.41, p=0.837. (E) Effect of time, F(5, 75)=9.76, p<0.0001; effect of PA-5HT, F(1, 15)=22.04, p=0.0003; interaction, F(5, 75)=1.05, p=0.3973. B and F, Total AIMs (sum of LOC and ALO AIMs) scored during 120 min after the L-DOPA treatment on day 5 (B) and 10 (F). C, D, G and H, ALO (axial, limb, and orofacial, C and G) and LOC (locomotive, D and H) AIMs scored during the 120 min period after L-DOPA treatment in both the groups on day 5 (C and D) and 10 (G and H) (n=8-9). Student's t test, *p<0.05 and **p<0.01. Data are presented as the mean±SEM. PA-5HT: Palmitoyl serotonin; L-DOPA: L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine; PD: Parkinson's disease; AIMs: abnormal involuntary movements.
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