A list of previous studies using chemogenetics to manipulate astrocytes
EffectorExpressionPromoterGenetic toolDeliveryStimulationReleased gliotransmitterResponse (nearby neurons)Reference
Response (effector+ cells)Response (animals)
MrgprA1Hippocampal slicesGFAPtTA/tetOTG mice[Ca2+]in.d.n.d.No response in CA1 pyramidal neuronsRef. 42
MrgprA1Hippocampal slicesGFAPtTA/tetOTG micesEPSC, [Ca2+]in.d.n.d.No response in CA1 pyramidal neuronsRef. 40
hM3DqV1 (in vivo)GFAPCreAAV[Ca2+]iNo change in CBFn.d.n.d.Ref. 41
MrgprA1Primary astrocytesGFAPtTA/tetOTG mice[Ca2+]iATPn.d.Ref. 138
Right cerebral ventricle, mPFC, hippocampus (in vivo)GFAPtTA/tetOTG miceATP
Ro1Whole animal (GFAP+ cells)GFAPtTA/tetOTG micepERK↑Hydrocephalusn.d.n.d.Ref. 139
hM3DqHippocampal slicesGFAPNoneTG mice[Ca2+]i
Whole animal (GFAP+ cells)GFAPNoneTG miceChange in ANS-mediated responses and motor behaviorsn.d.n.d.Ref. 142
hM3DqIntestineGFAPtTA/tetOTG mice[Ca2+]iGut contraction ↑
hM3DqWhole animalGFAPcreERT2TG micen.d.Hypothermian.d.n.d.Ref. 143
Rs1Whole animal, primary astrocytesGFAPtTA/tetOTG mice, lentiviruscAMP↑, pERK↑, pCREB↑Memory function ↓n.d. n.d.n.d. n.d.Ref. 144Ref. 145
hM3DqArcuate nucleus (in vivo)GFAPNoneAAVc-fos↑Ghrelin-evoked feeding ↓Leptin-induced anorexia↑Adenosine
Hypothalamic slicesGFAPNoneAAVn.d.Adenosinen.d. Firing of AgRP+ neurons ↓Ref. 147Ref. 147
hM4DiArcuate nucleus (in vivo)GFAPNoneAAVno change in c-fosGhrelin-evoked feeding ↑Leptin-induced anorexia ↓n.d.n.d.Ref. 147
hM3DqPrimary astrocytesGFAPNoneAAV[Ca2+]in.d.n.d.Ref. 154
NAcore (in vivo)GFAPNoneAAV[Ca2+]iEthanol seeking ↓Intracranial self-stimulation ↑
hM3DqNAcore (in vivo)GFAPNoneAAVn.d.Cue-induced reinstatement of cocaine seeking ↓Glutamaten.d.Ref. 155

AAV, adeno-associated virus; ANS, autonomic nervous system; AgRP, agouti-related protein; CA1, cornu ammonis area 1; CBF, cerebral blood flow; cAMP, cyclic adenosine monophosphate; pCREB, phosphorylated cAMP response element binding protein; creERT2, tamoxifen-inducible cre; sEPSC, spontaneous excitatory synaptic transmission; pERK, phosphorylated extracellular signal-regulated kinase; GFAP, glial acidic fibrillary acidic protein; mPFC, medial prefrontal cortex; MrgprA1, mas-related G protein-coupled receptor A1; NAcore, nucleus accumbens core; tTA, tetracycline-controlled transcriptional activator; tetO, tTA-responsive promoter sequence; TG, transgenic; V1, primary visual cortex; n.d., not determined.

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