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Fig. 3. miR-1908-5p expression in control and BD human NPCs after chronic treatment with lithium or valproate (a) Schematic diagram showing our experimental process. Human NPC lines derived from dermal fibroblasts of either a control or a BD subject were treated with vehicle or 1 mM lithium (Li.) or valproate (VPA.) for a week. (b) qRT-PCR analysis on the miR-1908-5p expression in control and BD NPCs after lithium or valproate treatment. The results were normalized to the vehicle-treated conditions for each NPC line. miR-1908-5p expression in control NPCs was increased by about 70% after valproate treatment, while it was decreased by about 60% in BD NPCs. The experiments were performed in three independent technical repeats (n=3). All data are presented as mean ± SEM. Statistical analyses are in Additional file 1: Table S1.
Exp Neurobiol 2016;25:296~306
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