Characteristics of participants
VariablesPatients with alcohol dependence (N=21)Healthy comparison subjects (N=22)Statistical values
Demographic variables
 Age, years50.6 (8.2)50.2 (8.1)t=0.17df=41p=0.861
 Sex, male/female18/319/3p=0.645a
Alcohol use variables
 Duration of alcohol use, years32.1 (11.5)30.0 (8.7)t=0.65df=37p=0.523
 Frequency of alcohol use, times per month19.4 (8.0)2.0 (2.2)t=9.71df=37p<0.001
 Average alcohol dose, standard drinksb per time6.9 (3.6)2.0 (1.8)t=5.53df=37p<0.001
 Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) scores22.1 (7.4)3.8 (3.7)t=10.06df=37p<0.001
 Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment for Alcohol (CIWA) scores6.8 (8.8)1.0 (1.1)t=3.10df=37p=0.004
Other clinical variables
 Comorbid depressionc4 (24)0 (0)p=0.029a
 Comorbid anxietyd11 (65)3 (14)p=0.002a

Data are expressed as mean (standard deviations) or numbers (%).

aFisher's exact test.

bOne standard drink contains 14 gram of alcohol.

cPresence of depression was defined as ≥19 on the 17-item Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression.

dPresence of anxiety was defined as ≥40 on the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory.

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