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Fig. 2. Mechanical nociceptive sensitivity estimated by paw withdrawal threshold on all test days. (A) CFA treatment significantly decreased paw withdrawal latency on Day 3 and Day 7. Daily variation of mechanical nociceptive sensitivity was not observed on all test days. All data are displayed as mean±SEM (one-way repeated measures ANOVA analysis: WT mice (CT 22-02) p=0.0142; WT mice (CT08-12) p=0.002; KO mice (CT22-02) p=0.0022; KO mice (CT08-12) p=0.0116, *p<0.05, WT mice: n=12; KO mice: n=8). (B) No significant difference in Day 0 baseline between both genotypes (two-way repeated measures ANOVA analysis: interaction p=0.1888; CT p=0.5118; genotype p=0.6023). (C-D) Significant difference in mechanical nociceptive sensitivity on Day 3 (two-way repeated measures ANOVA analysis: interaction p=0.9804; CT p=0.4798; genotype p=0.0034, *p<0.05) but not on Day 7 (two-way repeated measures ANOVA analysis:p=0.5458; CT p=0.9034; genotype p=0.7066).
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