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Fig. 4. Photomicrographs showing the localization of TCTP in the CA1 region of the hippocampus. Sections were stained by anti-TCTP antibody (a, b), anti-synapsin II antibody (c, d), anti-MAP2 antibody (e, f), or anti-NMDAR2B (g, h). Immunohistochemical signals were visualized using DAB and cell nuclei were stained with hematoxylin. Dendritic shafts of pyramidal cells in the CA1 were marked by arrows: In staining with anti-TCTP antibody (b) or anti-synapsin II (d), dendritic shafts from pyramidal cells were not stained at all, while in staining with anti-MAP2, dendritic shafts from pyramidal cells appeared with the internal side stainings (f). Anti-NMDAR2B immunoreactivity was detected in cell membrane of dendritic processes of CA1 pyramidal cells (h). b, d, f, and h: high magnification of the boxed areas in a, c, e and f. Or, stratum oriens; Pyr, stratum pyramidale; Rad, stratum radiatum; Lmol, stratum lacunosum moleculare; Mol, stratum moleculare. Scale bars: 200 µm (A, C, E, G), and 20 µm (B, D, F, H).
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