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Fig. 3. Optogenetic rescue of locomotion defects by a PD gene α-Syn. (A) Optogenetic setup for the locomotion assay (also refer to Materials and Methods): (a) power supply, (b) multi-channel switch, (c) LED light, (d) moticam3 digital camera and (e) black agar plate for locomotion assay. (B) Locomotion speed of TH-ChR2-A53T larvae before and after optogenetic activation. (upper panel) Experimental protocol for optogenetic activation of DA neurons in TH-ChR2-A53T. Larvae were exposed to blue light (BL) during test for 1 min. Other group of larvae were exposed to BL prior to test, but not during test. (bottom panel) Locomotion speed in control (WT) and TH-ChR2-A53T with 3 different treatments (no BL, BL during test and 1 hour before test). Mean±SEM. **p<0.01 (one-way ANOVA and Dunnett's multiple comparison test).
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