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Fig. 4. Gab1 is required for SC proliferation and process elongation. (A) Representative confocal micrographs showing tSC nuclei in NMJs of EDL muscle of Gab1f/f and Gab1-SCKO mice at P10. S100 was labeled for tSC, and note the decreased number of tSC nuclei in Gab1-SCKO mice compared to the control. Scale bar=20 µm. (B) Quantitative result showing the mean number of tSCs/endplate at P10. (C~F) Primary rat SCs were infected with lentiviral Gab1 or scrambled (Scr) shRNAi, and silencing of Gab1 was confirmed by Western blot analysis (C). (D) Quantitative result of BrdU incorporation assay following Gab1 silencing (n=3). Lentivirus-infected SCs were cultured for one day in the presence of NRG1 (200 ng/ml) and then BrdU incorporation assay was performed. (E) Representative confocal micrographs showing the morphology of cultured primary SCs after Gab1 lentiviral shRNAi or scrambled shRNAi infection. SCs were cultured for one day in the presence of NRG1 (200 ng/ml) immunostained for p75 neurotrophin receptor (p75) which is a marker for cultured SCs. (F) Quantitative results showing the length of cultured primary SCs which was measured after anti-p75 immunostaining. Scale bar=20 µm. Data are shown as the mean±SEM. *p<0.05, **p<0.01. NS, non-significant.
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