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Fig. 2. Infarct size and mNSS, weight change of animals with oral gavage of HSA and saline. (A) TTC staining of the individual brain was shown that the ipsilateral hemisphere brain of an animal with oral gavage of HSA had smaller infarction than one of an animal with oral gavage of saline. (B) In average, HSA group (n=7) had smaller infarct size than saline group (n=7). (C) mNSS of HAS group (n=7) was lower than saline group (n=7) on 1 day and 7 days after MCAO. (D) After MCAO, HSA group (n=7) gained the weight constantly and regularly. But saline group (n=7) lost more weight than HSA group.
Exp Neurobiol 2017;26:151~157
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