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Fig. 2. Representative confocal microscope images of immunohistochemistry in cerebellum of WT (A, C) and GIT1 KO (B, D) at 20X (A, B) and 40X (C, D); Arrowhead indicates GFAP-negative cells and black asterisks indicates GFAP-positive cells. Scale bar indicates 50 µm in (A, B) and 20 µm in (C, D). (DAPI : Blue, GFAP : Green, GABA : Red). The GFAP intensity of (A) and (B) were quantified in (E). Both GFAP intensity and GABA intensity in GFAP-negative cells shows no significant difference between WT and GIT1 KO mice. However, GABA intensity in GFAP-positive cells shows significant decrease in the GIT1 KO mice (n=22; from 4 mice of WT and 4 mice of KO, ***p<0.005).
Exp Neurobiol 2017;26:206~212
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