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Fig. 1. Reduction of GLP-1 receptor levels after tMCAO, and its relevance to oxidative stress in mice. (A) One-hour tMCAO reduced GLP-1R mRNA expression at 6 h and 24 h reperfusion (Rep) in mice (n =4, *p<0.05, compared to sham-operated group). (B) Four-hour OGD was performed in primary cultured neurons, and showed decreased GLP-1R mRNA levels compared to Nor. (C) SOD 2 KO mice, which have a high superoxide level, had significantly lower expression of GLP-1R than WT mice under normal or tMCAO (n =3, **p<0.01, compared to sham-operated WT group, ††p<0.01, comparison between sham-operated WT and KO group, #p<0.05, comparison between WT and KO mice at 24 h). (D) In SOD1 Tg mice, GLP-1R mRNA levels were higher than WT mice under sham or tMCAO.
Exp Neurobiol 2017;26:227~239
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