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Fig. 3. Anti-inflammatory effects of ex-4 on COX-2 and PGE2. (A) The level of COX-2 was significantly increased at 48 h after tMCAO. Treatment with ex-4 restored COX-2 to the basal level after tMCAO in the rat brain. Ex9-39 treatment increased COX-2 levels as much as vehicle group. (B) Ex-4 also reduced the COX-2 mRNA levels in the rat brain after tMCAO (n =5, **p<0.01, compared to sham-operated group, ##p<0.01, compared to chemical-treated group). (C) Results were consistent with the COX-2 promoter assay. Ex-4 attenuated COX-2 luciferase activity after OGD in bEnd.3 cells. Ex9-39 increased COX-2 activity as much as vehicle group. (D) The level of PGE2, which is product of COX-2 activity, was increased by 1 h tMCAO, but this level was attenuated by ex-4 (n =5, **p<0.01, compared to the sham-operated group).
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