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Fig. 3. Correlation between neuroimaging changes and seizure severities. (A) In addition to the MRI changes (upper row), FDG-PET glucose metabolism (lower rows) mainly decreased especially in bilateral hippocampi, amygdala, part of subcortical and frontal areas throughout the entire stages, although glucose metabolism focally increased in entorhinal cortex, cerebellum bilaterally at acute stages (3 hours and 1 day after the initial insult, respectively), and right hypothalamus at chronic stage (8 weeks). (B) Mean daily seizure frequency during the chronic stage was positively correlated MRI T2 signal changes in bilateral hippocampal areas at 7 days after the initial insult (latent phase, left). Longer seizure duration was correlated with more decreased glucose metabolism in bilateral hippocampal areas at 3 and 7 days (latent and chronic phases, middle and right, respectively). All of these findings were statistically significant with corrected p-value<0.05.
Exp Neurobiol 2017;26:287~294
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