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Fig. 1. ALDH1L1 promoter species alignment. (A) VISTA plot of ALDH1L1 locus from human and one from mouse, rat, cow, marmoset and rhesus monkey. (B) Expanded VISTA plot of the 1.3 kb upstream promoter region shows that the homology is over the 50% of mouse and other primate. And also note that exon 1 is absent in rat and cow. (C) AAV vector construction for Cre recombinase expression controlled by 1.3 kb hALDH1L1 promoter. (D) To investigate hALDH1L1 promoter activity, AAV-hALDH1L1-Cre virus was injected into Ai14 mouse. tdTomato protein only can be expressed when the stop codon between CAG promoter and tdTomato is eliminated by Cre recombinase which is delivered under hALDH1L1 promoter.
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