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Fig. 1. IP reduced infarct size and brain edema in a rat model of MCAO. (A) Schematics of experimental IP in the rat brain. (B) The rCBF value was not significantly different between EC and IP groups during ischemic injury. Baseline values before MCAO were defined as 100% flow. (C) TTC staining of the ischemic injured brain of EC. (D) TTC staining of the ischemic injured brain with IP. (E and F) IP reduced the infarct volume and brain edema significantly compared to EC at R23. EC, experimental control; IP, ischemic preconditioning; NC, Normal Control; R0, 1 hr after MCAO; R1, 1 hr after reperfusion; R3, 3 hr after reperfusion; R6, 6 hr after reperfusion; R23, 23 hr after reperfusion (**p<0.05 vs. EC; ***p<0.01 vs. EC).
Exp Neurobiol 2017;26:380~389
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