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Fig. 2. Advent and disappearance of the transient intermediate plexiform layer (TIPL) during retinal development of the rat. Photomicrographs taken from vertical sections from retinas at postnatal day (PD) 5 (A), PD 7 (B), PD 10 (C), and PD 14 (D) stained with toluidine blue. (A) The outer plexiform layer (OPL) starts to be visible, and thus, five retinal layers are distinguished at this age. (B) Patch-shaped TIPLs (arrows) are frequently found in the middle or proximal part of the inner nuclear layer (INL), between bipolar and amacrine cell groups showing different staining intensity. (C) At this age, the TIPL is still observed at a similar position as shown in (b). However, they are less frequently observed than at PD 7. (D) The TIPL in the INL are no longer found at this age. Scale bar=50 µm.
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