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Fig. 2. Average water intake and change in body weight with drug treatment in aged mice. (A) Chemical structures of metformin and HL271. (B) Average water intake per day. The mean daily water intake was no different among all three groups (one-way ANOVA; F (2, 28)=1.418, p=0.2590). Water, 5.355±0.2025 ml/day, n=12; metformin, 4.915±0.2153 ml/day, n=9; HL271, 4.839±0.3024 ml/day, n=10. (C) Mean body weight changes (body weight on the last day of oral drug treatment – body weight on the first day of oral treatment). Changes in body weights were not significantly different among all three groups (one-way ANOVA; F (2, 28)=2.0, p=0.1543, water, 0.2083±0.1823 g, n=12; metformin, 0.3889±0.4238 g, n=9; HL271, −0.69±0.5677 g, n=10). Data are presented as the mean±SEM.
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