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Fig. 1. Electron micrographs showing P2X3R expression (gold-silver labeling, mostly round black particles) in the GFAP-immunopositive (peroxidase labeling, diffuse darker reaction products) soma (A, B) and processes (C, D) of astrocytes in the brainstem. Arrows indicate immunoperoxidase labeling for GFAP. Arrowheads indicate gold-silver labeling for P2X3R. Astrocytic soma and process are outlined by a dashed line. N= nucleus of astrocyte. Scale bar= 500 nm. (E) Histogram showing gold particle density for P2X3 in the GFAP+ astrocytic soma and process. n= number of astrocytic soma and process analyzed. Asterisk indicates significant differnence between in the GFAP+ astrocytic soma and process at p<0.01.
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