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Fig. 3. P2X3 mediated whole cell current was recorded from astrocytes in Vc. (A) Schematic diagram of experimental design for recording astrocyte in Vc. (B) Time course of consecutive ramp current from astrocyte in Vc with application of αβ-meATP and A317491. Lower panel shows representative trace of ramp current baseline, αβ-meATP and A317491 application. Inserted box in below indicates ramp protocol. (C) Representative trace of ramp current from trigeminal astrocyte during application of αβ-meATP (black) and αβ-meATP+A317491 (green). Blue line indicated P2X3R sensitive current (subtracted from αβ-meATP to αβ-meATP+A317491). (D) Summary bar graph for current density of ramp currents at each condition, * and ** indicate p<0.05 and p<0.01 respectively, by paired-sample t-test.
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