Active properties of resurgent Na<sup>+</sup> channels in the cerebellar PCs and their physiological and pathological roles
NaV1.6 (Resurgent Na+ channel)
ExpressionDendrite, Node of ranvier[51]
Gating propertiesSensitivity for tetrodotoxin[5355]
Evoked by a step repolarization to −30 mV
Maximum current at Vm=−30~−40 mV
V1/2 activation=−40 mV, rising time=5~6 ms
V1/2 inactivation=−62 mV (low Na+), −53 mV (high Na+), τdecay=20~30 ms
Impact on excitabilityReopening NaV when the membrane potential is repolarized to approximately −40 mV[525455]
Shortens the refractory period between action potentials, high-frequency firing appears to be facilitated
AblationReduced spontaneous firing rates[545556575859]
Increased spike adaptation
Cerebellar ataxia & Dysfunction of motor coordination
Impairment of water maze and delayed eyeblink conditioning
Exp Neurobiol 2018;27:139~154
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