Active properties of Ca<sup>2+</sup>-activated K<sup>+</sup> channels in the cerebellar PCs and their physiological and pathological roles
SK channel (SK2 subfamily)
ExpressionSoma and Dendrite[90]
Gating propertiesVoltage-independent and Ca2+dependent channel[6089]
Activated by Ca2+ influx through P/Q type Ca2+ channel
Sensitivity for apamin (63 pM)
Impact on excitabilityRegulation of firing frequency[13909598]
Shaping fast afterhyperpolarization (AHP) amplitude
Climbing fiber-induced spike pause duration
Activity-dependent modulation of climbing fiber-evoked EPSP amplitude and dendritic local Ca2+ transient
Impact on plasticity and learningActivity-dependent downregulation of SK channel by eyeblink conditioning[13118]
Inhibition of SK channel prevents LTP-IE induction
BK channel
ExpressionSoma and Dendrite[90]
Gating propertiesVoltage- and Ca2+-dependent[60]
V1/2 activation=50 mV at 4 μM [Ca2+] to −30 mV at 100 μM [Ca2+]
Impact on excitabilityGeneration of burst firing through cooperating with KV3 channels in dendrite[68919293]
Climbing fiber-evoked spike pause and burst firing coupled to Ca2+ channel
Shaping medium or slow component of AHP
Impact on plasticity and learningDysfunction of SK and BK channels is related to cerebellar ataxia[94959697]
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