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Fig. 1. Ultrastructural analyses of mitochondria in microglia in the striatum of G2019S TG and non-TG littermate mice (14-month, n=3). (A) Ultrastructure of mitochondria in microglia obtained using TEM. Cells were blindly selected and the mitochondrial area was measured. The number of observed cells and total measured mitochondria (nm2) were 15 and 190 for wild-type littermates and 14 and 314 for G2019S-TG, respectively. The arrowheads indicate mitochondria used for analysis. N, nucleus; L, Lysosome; MVB, multivesicular body; Scale bar=1 µm. Graphic analyses of total mitochondria area/cell (B) and average mitochondria number/cell (C) are shown. Average individual mitochondrial area, total mitochondrial area/cell divided by mitochondria number/cell, are also shown (D). Statistical analysis was performed by Student's t-test, ***p<0.001.
Exp Neurobiol 2018;27:171~180
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