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Fig. 5. Effects of p-CA on LTD in rat hippocampal tissue (n=5/group). (A) Grouped data showing the time course of LTD from all recordings in hippocampal tissue treated with LPS, with and without p-CA. (B) Average LTD amplitude measured at 30~40 minutes after LFS. Data are shown as mean±SEM. Control, vehicle only; LPS, LPS 1 µg/ml; p-CA, p-CA 50 µM; LPS+p-CA, LPS 1 µg/ml and p-CA 50 µM. **p<0.01 versus the control group. ##p<0.01 versus LPS treated group. Repeated measure ANOVA Dunnett T3 post-hoc test for (A) and ANOVA Dunnett T3 post-hoc test for (B).
Exp Neurobiol 2018;27:189~199
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