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Fig. 5. The effect of Radix Polygalae on hippocampal BAG1 expression. (n=4 for each group). (A) Representative western blot images. (B) Bar graph of western blot densitometry. ANOVA revealed significant group difference [F (3, 15)=11.7, p=0.001]. Compared with unstressed mice, SPS-CF mice showed reduction of hippocampal BAG1 expression in both mice treated with vehicle (VeN vs VeS, p=0.027) and RP (RPN vs RPS, p=0.032). Mice treated with RP demonstrated higher BAG1 expression both in unstressed (VeN vs RPN, p=0.049) and SPS-CF (VeS vs RPS, p=0.045). All data values represents mean±SEM. VeN, vehicle fed, non-stressed; RPN, RP 0.1 mg/kg fed, nonstressed; VeS, vehicle fed, SPS-CF exposed; RPS, RP 0.1 mg/kg fed, SPS-CF exposed. *p<0.05 vs VeN. #p<0.05 vs RPN. $p<0.05 vs VeS. ANOVA, Tukey's HSD post-hoc test.
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