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Fig. 3. Reduced Htt level is efficient for alleviating BDNF secretion deficit in the presymptomatic HD brain. (A) Average fluorescence changes with time (mean±s. e. m. of ΔFt/F0) for BDNF-EGFP puncta of cortical axons in Q175 (Emx1-Cre Q175/+, red) during the presymptomatic period (10 weeks old) or symptomatic period (1-year-old). 4 times of 100 Hz (1 sec) electrical stimulation (black bar) was given to trigger activity-dependent BDNF secretion. (B) Bar graphs depict average ΔFt/F0 (±s. e. m.) during 300~400 s after stimulation for all recorded BDNF-EGFP puncta. Numbers of puncta from at least 3 slices of 3 mice: presymptomatic Q175 with PBS injection (−), 32; presymptomatic Q175 with ASO injection (+ASO), 99; symptomatic Q175 with PBS injection, 29; symptomatic Q175 with ASO injection, 94. *p<0,05, ***p<0.001, unpaired t-test.
Exp Neurobiol 2018;27:217~225
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