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Fig. 2. Serial MRI of the patient who received hypofractionated Gamma knife radiosurgery (FGKS) for incidentally found petroclival meningioma. The initial volume of tumor mass was 17.8 cm3. FGKS was performed for 3 consecutive days. Radiosurgical parameters were: total marginal dose 18 Gy in 3 fractionation, isodose line 50%, and shot 33. At 6 months after FGKS, the patient complained of transient facial numbness but the symptom disappeared spontaneously without any special management. On MRI at post-FGKS 6 months, decreased size of tumor of 9.7 cm3 with decreased central enhancement, suggesting necrosis due to radiation, was identified.
Exp Neurobiol 2018;27:245~255
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