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Fig. 4. Extracellular ionic concentration changes in glutamate and K+ contribute to activity-dependent IOS. (A) Schematic diagram of extracellular glutamate and K+ change during excitatory synaptic. (B) Schematic diagram of experiments on 4% agarose gel with glutamate (10 mM) and K+ (5 mM). (C) Averaged IOS traces on 4% agarose gel with glutamate and K+. (D) Summary bar graph showing electrical stimulation-evoked IOS peak percentage in brain slice after APV and CNQX treatment and bath application of either glutamate or K+-evoked IOS peak percentage in 4% agarose gel. (E) Representative IOS traces (top) and changes in IOS baseline and peak (bottom) in the presence of TBOA by applying repetitive stimulation within a 5 min interval. (F, G) Representative IOS traces and percentage of IOS peak by treatment of TBOA with APV and CNQX compared to APV and CNQX without TBOA (paired t-test (two-tailed), NS p>0.05).
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